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Digital Signage Summit ISE: Content Chair interview

We talk to DSS ISE Content Chair Florian Rotberg, Managing Director of invidis, about 'The Power of Pixels' and what to expect at the conference at ISE 2023.

What can we expect from the Digital Signage Summit this year? What's new or different compared to last year?

This year’s DSS ISE will revolve around the power of pixels. That's a dual meaning – firstly about more energy efficient and sustainable digital signage concepts in times of energy crisis and secondly about concepts and experiences that excite, engage and convert. As in 2022, DSS ISE will be held as a half day conference on the second day of ISE (Wednesday 1 February). In contrast to 2022, we will move upstairs into the conference centre, which should provide an even better conference away from the noise of the show floor. 

What are the emerging trends in the sector?

Digital signage is becoming business critical in more and more vertical markets. Airports, QSR [quick-service restaurants] or shopfloor applications cannot be operated without digital signage. This requires very robust concepts with extensive remote access. The industry is moving from hardware driven to managed services – similar to the IT and other sectors. Fine pixel pitch LED is continuously gaining traction as the visual solution becomes more affordable. Almost all professional screens feature integrated media player functionalities (SoC) with surprisingly good performance. SoC seems to have become a relevant platform for digital signage.    

How are global trends affecting the DS market?

The war in Europe and the energy crisis are having a tremendous impact on digital signage. Energy costs are exploding, leading to an increasingly high demand for more energy-efficient solutions. As we enter the new year, electricity costs may be up to 10x more than before the pandemic and compared to the North American and mature Asian markets. Rising logistics costs and ongoing supply-chain issues put tremendous pressure on the market in delivering projects on time and within budget.  For many it is a challenging task similar to the ongoing war for talent.

What opportunities and challenges do you see for AV?

Pro AV has become essential in delivering experiences at the point of sale, in guiding travellers and in keeping employees informed. With the emergence of managed services, pro AV will become more affordable and easier to use. As eCommerce is reaching its peak, stationary retail and office work will experience a renaissance - but only when data drives the offline world as much as the online. As AV becomes more important and easier to install, new integration partners (e.g. IT) will enter the market. The industry is still far too fragmented; more mergers and acquisitions are necessary to create a few global active players big enough for globally operating clients. 

Why should attendees register for DSS this year?

DSS ISE offers a great overview of the latest trends and inspires integrators as well as end-users in how to unleash the power of pixels. It’s a half-day well spent, with exclusive insights into how utilise the technology showcased at ISE to the maximum. The invidis keynote, which opens every DSS conference, offers a unique and exclusive overview of the latest trends and drivers in digital signage. 

What do you expect to see on the ISE show floor in terms of DS technology?

We expect more MicroLED, more computing power for professional SoC screens, sustainable and vastly improved energy-efficient solutions and more powerful, easier-to-operate software platforms. Besides technology, ISE is the best platform for networking that you can’t afford to miss.