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ISE Thursday keynote to measure innovation in AV

17:15, Thursday 2 February, Conference Suite CC4.1

Fran Chuan, CEO and co-creator of Culture Innovation Assessment Platform InnoQuotient, is giving a keynote at ISE 2023. ‘How innovative is the AV industry?’ will present InnoQuotient survey results collated from registered visitors and exhibitors in the lead-up to the show.

The survey endeavours to find out more about the innovative culture of organisations by measuring the maturity of development of its innovation journey. The assessment pinpoints strengths, as well as identifying the gaps to then provide guidance in building and improving an organisation’s culture of innovation.

Mike Blackman, Managing Director of Integrated Systems Events, commented: “With innovation playing a fundamental part of business growth and success, we’re delighted to welcome Fran’s expertise, offering invaluable advice and guidance to companies joining us at ISE.  This one-of-a-kind online questionnaire tool will provide the opportunity to diagnose the climate of ‘Culture of Innovation’, focusing on key areas within AV, in a simple and efficient manner. This is another keynote session you won’t want to miss.”

Developed in 2015, InnoQuotient is based upon on the six fundamental building blocks that make up innovative cultures, underpinning the strategy of organisations: resources, processes, results, values, behaviours and climate. The InnoQuotient survey addresses the most important needs of the relevant market: not only pinpointing at which point the organisation is innovative, but also the company’s internal makeup in comparison to its sector.

“We are very excited about this initiative, both capturing data from attendees and sharing the conclusions with participants. For me, to participate as keynote speaker at ISE 2023 is a great honour. I’m looking forward to sharing the findings on the differences between innovation and Innovation Culture, as well as presenting the data InnoQuotient has collated from the AV sector. I’ll be sharing my insights, along with some tips and tricks to help accelerate the sector, towards a Culture of Innovation,” commented Fran Chuan.

To take part in this unique collaboration, please complete the online survey

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