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Technology Zone: Audio

Audio is key to a total integrated AV experience whatever the setting. That’s why the ISE Audio Zone is packed with solutions for every market sector for all sizes of project and any type of application. ISE 2023 covers the entire audio signal chain from microphones to loudspeakers and everything in between.

As audiences have returned to theatres, music venues and houses of worship, this has driven fantastic recovery for installed live sound equipment. Attracting back in-person attendees requires a venue operator to continually raise the bar on the quality and engagement of their experiences. This translates to more and more opportunity for pro AV as venues seek to differentiate and attract with their experiences.

Chief among them at install venues is the desire for immersive sound systems using beamforming or spatial audio techniques. These systems go way beyond the 22.2 channels of Dolby Atmos and construct a 3D sound field using one or more arrays of loudspeakers.

In order to integrate and run such complex sound systems, the industry is turning to a new generation of networked AV. The demand as ever is for stable, reliable performance. Many large audio brands are aligning with open technologies that establish such high-quality standards.

One networking solution gaining a lot of traction is Milan, an application layer built onto the AVB network protocol that adds a framework of interoperability for professional AV devices. However, Milan is far from the only networking protocol; it’s also a latecomer in contrast to established industry AV-over-IP standards Dante, AES3 and AES50, not to mention broadcast IP standard SMPTE 2110. Visiting ISE 2023 will help you to evaluate the options and decide which one is right for your next application.`

Connected and simplified audio systems are underpinning long-term growth in the market for digital signal processors. DSPs have grown to become a vital touchpoint for user experiences, enabling brands to take share across a range of devices within the wider pro-audio market.  The installed commercial segment offers the greatest opportunity for DSP by a considerable margin, largely driven by conferencing and remote collaboration in corporate, higher education and government segments.

The rising non-music-based functionality of headphones and headsets is sparking increased focus on reducing ‘Zoom fatigue’ and how improved audio quality can aid this. This also becomes imperative as hearables are used for ever longer periods of time throughout the day and night.

Visit the Audio Zone at ISE 2023 and discover the latest technologies including DSP, networking and immersive audio and take the chance to experience dozens of different audio products in live demonstration. Grab the opportunity to learn from the experts at top audio manufacturers, and discover what's next on the audio product horizon. For those seeking information on Dante, head to Audinate; for those keen for updates on Milan, the leading players include d&b audiotechnik, L-Acoustics and Meyer Sound.