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Content Production & Distribution at ISE

There is an insatiable demand for content on digital signage, live stages, videowalls, experiential art and advertising and virtual and VR experiences. Content production and distribution solutions abound at ISE 2023, including monitors and media servers, VR headsets and virtual sets, cameras and tracking equipment, video switchers and networking solutions, as well as audio equipment such as speakers and consoles.

High-end media servers are offering uncompressed playback of 4K lossless video content at higher colour depths and frame rates than ever. They offer real-time rendering capability, as well as automatic camera calibration technology, and the ability to integrate 3D objects into a project workflow.

Cameras continue to be capable of capturing higher dynamic range and a wider colour gamut, while screen technology has evolved to provide affordable monitoring to suit. AV technology and expertise is being brought to bear in new virtual workflows. Productions ranging from live events and concerts to marketing and corporate presentations are all taking a virtual leaf out of the Hollywood playbook to deliver eye-catching and awe-inspiring visuals.

And let's not forget delivery. Corporates, education, entertainment, and events alike are taking advantage of better compression, edge computing solutions and low-latency codecs on networks to deliver much higher quality and interactive content over greater distances with no lag. And the latest generation of switchers must perform well at the sharp end: handling the I/O for live audiences, including scaling a wide range of diverse sources, while simultaneously streaming to web platforms.

You can find both LED screens for virtual production and events from Alfalite and explore the Metaverse via touchscreen technology from Almeria. You can find the next-generation web-based, serverless and scalable digital signage from Waapiti, and contactless and multisensorial interactive AV solutions from Waves System.

Elsewhere, Sony is offering AV solutions ranging from cameras to cloud-based workflow and from monitors to media asset management. 3D production software for live events and experiences as well as powerful media server hardware is available from disguise

Meanwhile, integrating LED, audio, projection and media server technology experience, Creative Technology offers everything from LED screens and audio solutions at live music concerts and festivals, to stunning projection at one-off spectaculars.