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ISE Insights

  • We talk to Education Technology Summit Content Chair Gill Ferrell about what taking a more humane approach to technology can achieve.
  • The pandemic has profoundly changed the way many of us think about how we live and work, reflected in a growing smart home sector.
  • We chatted with Smart Workplace Summit Content Chair, Bob Snyder, about what delegates can expect from the 2023 conference.
  • The education sector has long represented fertile ground for the AV industry, with teaching spaces at all levels using technology to improve engagement and enhance student outcomes.
  • CP&DS will look at how the increasing crossover between pro AV and broadcast technologies is being used to create and distribute content quickly and cost-effectively.
  • How can IT professionals find out how to deliver better employee experiences throughout the building? ISE 2023 has the answers.

  • We’re pleased to announce that free travel within Barcelona will be available to ISE 2023 attendees.

  • Industry analysts are confident that although the industry plateaued in the wake of Covid, content production will remain a profitable enterprise. Increased demand for content, and thus content production, is driving investments in audio, video, textual and graphical markets.
  • Whether the aim is to create the ultimate integrated guest experience, implement one-touch ordering or develop a high-end offering utilising recognition technology and artificial intelligence tools, ISE 2023 will be the place to discover what’s possible.
  • The Unified Communications & Education Technology Zone in Hall 2 will be the first stop for many looking for the latest updates from Microsoft, Zoom, Google and a whole host of edtech specialists.
  • There's no stopping demand for technologies that improve how we live and work in our homes. Some of the most innovative, forward-thinking companies in the sector will be exhibiting at ISE 2023, particularly in the Residential and Smart Building Zone in Hall 2. 
  • ‘How innovative is the AV industry?’ will be presented by Fran Chuan, CEO and co-creator of Culture Innovation Assessment Platform InnoQuotient.
  • Professional AV has never been about a single technology or a point product business. The reason pro AV exists as an industry and the absolute driver of its continuing expansion is its integration of different, evolving audiovisual and networking technologies into outstanding creative and practical solutions.

  • We talk to DSS ISE Content Chair Florian Rotberg about 'The Power of Pixels' and what to expect at the conference at ISE 2023.
  • Post-pandemic demands for wellness tech, efficient use of energy and greater connectivity will all be addressed by exhibitors in the Residential & Smart Building Zone
  • Paul Bailey, Head of codesign at Jisc, talks about his work examining the impact of climate change on education and the carbon footprint of edtech.
  • As there is significant overlap in the end-user base for unified communications and education technology, ISE combines these two solution sets in a single Technology Zone, located in Hall 2.

  • We talk to Stew Hume, Editor of TPi Magazine and Content Chair of the Live Events Summit, about the issues in the live events sector that the conference will be addressing.
  • We talk to CP&DS content chair Ciarán Doran about the factors that have driven the convergence of AV and broadcast sectors and how the summit will explore it.
  • At ISE 2023, you’ll find performance, entertainment and live events solutions concentrated in the Lighting & Staging Technology Zone in Hall 7.
  • Because of the huge scale of ISE, we make it easier to find the solutions you need by dividing the show floor into Technology Zones.